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VoIP Reliability and Quality, a Patented Path to Customer Satisfaction and IoT

12 May 2018

In the rush to embrace convenience and lower operational costs, voice quality often gets the short end of the stick. Cellular service and voice over IP (VoIP) are two examples where individuals and businesses have, at first, been willing to accept dropped calls and compromises in audio in exchange for mobility, more features, and smaller bills. But savings and benefits are fleeting if customers are alienated and next-generation voice services are hamstrung because they don’t deliver reliable and differentiated services that please customers. 

Unified Office founder and CEO Ray Pasquale has experienced the pain of compromised quality first hand, so to speak. He was in Florida for ITEXPO when he needed emergency dental treatment.

"I call my dentist back home [in Boston]," said Pasquale, "He had recently switched over to a VoIP platform and I couldn't understand a word of the recorded message of how to reach them off-hours. I could only make out bits and pieces of the recording and of course the off hours phone number was garbled."

Ray was able to successfully arrange treatment on the road, but the experience left a bad taste in his mouth.

"It was very frustrating. I am his patient," Pasquale said. "So that really hurts their customer satisfaction when their patient can’t reach them particularly during an emergency. And they don't even realize it. They think it is working because they can hear their own voice through the phone earpiece while making the recording and it sounds fine to them but people calling in can't make sense of it. I told them that when I visited them after my trip."

What's bad for humans is even worse for machines, especially when it comes to AI-driven services such as speech-to-text and sentiment analysis.  

"The output of sentiment analysis for companies using [IBM] Watson for example is about 50 percent unintelligible." said Ray. "Why? Because the VoIP recorded calls Watson has to analyze are mostly garbled. Again this is due to the lack of reliable quality not present in most Cloud and Hosted VoIP providers. Remember garbage in, garbage out?"

Having worked with VoIP for over two decades, Pasquale took a proactive approach to ensuring voice reliability and quality when building Unified Office's Total Connect Now managed service, creating protocols and algorithms running on virtual servers around the country that together create a reliable transmission network over broadband that delivers quality and reliable VoIP and UC services that also equally capable of supporting important mission critical IoT services. Unified Office's Highest Quality Routing Protocol, HQRP, was recently issued a patent from the US Patent Office for its unique technology and methods in enabling reliable, high-quality business communications over broadband networks, divorced from the use of T1 and MPLS circuits and other expensive legacy technologies.


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