VOSS Challenges Large Enterprise Market to “Give Microsoft Teams a Voice” with New Migration Offering

16 Feb 2022

Comprehensive Package Enables Organizations to Seamlessly Integrate their Enterprise Voice into Microsoft Teams for a Unified Digital Workplace Experience

VOSS Solutions, the leading provider of digital workplace management technology, unveiled a package to enable large enterprises to harness the full power of their Microsoft stack. By transitioning from traditional telephony services to Microsoft Teams enterprise voice, organizations benefit from a fully immersive digital workplace experience underpinned by the Microsoft suite. 

According to TomTalks, Microsoft Teams has 270 million monthly active users, but as little as 5 million users use the platform for enterprise voice to make calls to external partners, colleagues, and other parties on the PSTN. The initiative from VOSS addresses this delta, encouraging organizations to extend their use of Microsoft Teams to include their telephony strategy. 

Tim Jalland, Microsoft Solution Manager at VOSS, commented; “The adoption of Microsoft Teams for collaboration and productivity has been unprecedented. Now, companies are looking to bring their enterprise voice strategy under the Microsoft umbrella, for a seamless single-vendor experience. VOSS has created a package to make the journey to full-Microsoft easy, cost effective, and highly compelling.” 

The “Give Teams a Voice” initiative from VOSS accelerates enterprise organizations’ migration to Microsoft Teams, with a process that is fast, efficient, and offers a great user experience along the journey.

The package targets large, multi-site, multinational corporations that have a high percentage of knowledge workers and who are already underway with a Microsoft 365 rollout. These organizations will be interested in transitioning their voice strategy to Teams, to help manage a high rate of daily service requests, with a limited internal team. 

The offering is a cloud delivered service which comprises:

  • Discovery Process – A deep data discovery, highlighting the existing voice inventory and set-up, possible issues and dependencies
  • Mapping and Transformation – Advanced business logic, transformation rules and filters, followed by batch loading to automate and streamline the process
  • Automation Management – Ongoing review of the user configuration, including day-to-day service management using VOSS Automate

The VOSS “Give Teams a Voice” Package promises to unlock a host of benefits, including:

  • Accelerated project delivery, faster time to benefits and improved user adoption
  • Automation to remove errors, manual and duplicate input  
  • Improved efficiency, reducing demand on internal resources  
  • Insight into existing configuration to remove surprises and risk  
  • Flexibility to accommodate a wide range of scenarios  
  • Cloud delivery for fast start with no disruption to services  
  • A secure, predictable process with audit and roll-back

To find out more about VOSS “Give Teams a Voice” offering, please email usdownload the solution sheet, or click here for further reading.




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