VOSS Solutions Announces Version 21 of its Award-Winning Digital Workplace Management Technology

17 Nov 2021

Richardson, TX – VOSS Solutions, leading provider of digital workplace management technology, announced the general availability of VOSS-4-UC V21.

VOSS-4-UC is the world’s most advanced UC automation platform, offering a single point of management and integration for the digital workplace ecosystem. Since the pandemic changed the shape of enterprise communications and collaboration, organizations have turned to VOSS for its automation and orchestration expertise to support hybrid and remote workers, to ensure high levels of user adoption, collaboration, and productivity, and to manage spiralling costs.

VOSS has responded to these evolving and demanding requirements for digital workplace management with VOSS-4-UC Version 21.

Dan Payne, CTO at VOSS Solutions, commented; “Our customers are focused on building and enabling a highly agile, resilient, and secure digital workplace for their increasingly remote workforce. VOSS-4-UC V21 addresses many of these emerging challenges, to offer a highly flexible management platform for organizations to deliver and manage multi-vendor UC & collaboration tools from a single pane of glass.”

V21 is a significant release for VOSS that is packed with many new features and enhancements, a few of which are highlighted here:

Key Features

New and Improved Administration Portal

Included in this release is a refresh of the administration portal, built using the latest web technologies. The update is designed to further improve the great user experience and intuitiveness of the interface making it even more effective in helping administrators streamline the management of their organization’s digital workplace.

Rich Management Across More Services

VOSS recognizes that organizations typically have more than one vendor fulfilling their digital workplace requirements, so multi-vendor and vendor transition support is fundamental to its work. In V21, VOSS further refined its support to manage any mix of vendors, on-premises or in the cloud, as well as transition users between services. Whether the multi-vendor setup is an end state design or for a transition period, VOSS-4-UC enables the solution to be managed in the same easy-to-use single pane of glass.

In terms of vendors and solutions, this release saw VOSS extend its support for Microsoft and Microsoft Teams specifically. This provides VOSS customers additional capabilities when managing their Microsoft tenants such as:

  • Management for existing Microsoft tenants can be taken over by simply overbuilding the existing user and service data into VOSS-4-UC. Once a tenant is under management, a number audit can be performed to update the local number inventory and keep track of which numbers are used by users and services, such as auto attendants and call queues.
  • Administrators can also configure rules to enable flow-through provisioning or zero-touch provisioning, to automatically apply a profile to users when they are discovered by VOSS-4-UC for the first time.
  • Flexible onboarding and offboarding workflows provide simplicity for administrators or the perfect interface for quick and simple integration to external systems, such as ticketing systems, to tie into wider business processes.
  • Management capabilities for call queues and auto attendants as well as associated resource users.

These capabilities provide simplicity and automation to handle the heavy lifting for a range of day-to-day tasks, allowing engineers to focus on higher value work.

Another solution focus area in V21 extends VOSS’ Webex Teams management by adding support for configuring calling and calling behavior settings for users in Control Hub. Workspaces can also be configured, and VOSS-4-UC will orchestrate the process of generating an activation code to register a room or video endpoint (device).

This release also introduced our support for Pexip conferencing management further expanding VOSS’ support for best of breed solutions. The capability enables administrators to configure VMRs as standalone entities, or integrated as part of the comprehensive service management for users.

Managing Complexity

As part of VOSS’ goal to reduce complexity for its customers, V21 sees some major improvements to number management. VOSS’ number audit tool has been updated to work across all supported vendors and across many different types of users, devices and services, to create a local inventory that is up to date and accurately reflects what is allocated when overlaying an existing estate. VOSS has introduced some additional tracking states for numbers such as cooling (used when users are removed and numbers are kept from being reallocated immediately) and reserved (used to exclude numbers from being allocated).

Finally, an improved view of the inventory within the new admin portal, enables admin users to easily see what is happening in their respective inventories.

Platform Agility and Resource Optimization

In V21, VOSS has introduced some exciting new changes that impact platform agility and resource optimization. It is now possible to deploy VOSS-4-UC using a new modular cluster architecture, which enables organizations to run the core application and database on separate virtual machines (VMs) instead of on the same VM (as is done in the previous VOSS-4-UC versions). This provides customers more options to tune the system to meet their specific performance or scale needs providing more efficient use of allocated resources.



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