VOSS Solutions Introduces VOSSBot

28 Mar 2017

Today, VOSS Solutions announced VOSSBot, from the VOSS innovations lab, VOSS f(X).

VOSSBot provides a revolutionary and yet breathtakingly simple way for customers to control VOSS-4-UC, using natural language Instant Messages via common chat tools such as Skype, Slack and others. VOSSBot leverages specialized VOSS APIs combined with the Microsoft Bot framework, and a dash of artificial intelligence, to extend the power of VOSS-4-UC.  VOSS-4-UC is the industry leading, unified communications management tool from VOSS Solutions.  

VOSSBot reduces the burden on IT, and improves UC service delivery across the enterprise by empowering non-technical employees to drive Move, Add, Change, and Delete work by ‘chatting’ directly with the software. Responding to and engaging over a wide range of natural language topics, VOSSBot executes complicated and time consuming management tasks quickly and consistently.

Through role-based access control, VOSSBot enables any company employee (e.g. in HR or LOB manager) to make changes to the UC system using natural language; without the need for specialized training and eliminating the need to access a specialized interface. This empowers employees who are responsible for requesting those changes, and removes the need for IT to respond in any way. At the same time, it gives IT the peace of mind to know that these changes are being made without incident and reduces the burden on the already stretched IT staff.

Christopher Martini, VP Skype for Business at VOSS, commented; "Every organization should be looking for meaningful ways to leverage artificial intelligence and BOT technology to enhance the customer and employee experience.  Nowhere is this more true than in the Unified Communications space. It is our DNA. VOSSBot simplifies day-to-day administrative tasks so that VOSS customers can spend less time managing enterprise communications tasks and more time delivering value to their organizations."

To book a meeting or a Bot demo with VOSS at Enterprise Connect, please email [email protected].