VOSS Unveils Latest Version of VOSS-4-UC

19 Mar 2019

Introduces Dynamic Communications Workflow Automation to Support Digital Transformation

At Enterprise Connect, VOSS unveiled the latest version of VOSS-4-UC, the world's most advanced UC management platform. Taking care of the design, delivery and operations management of UC infrastructures, VOSS-4-UC offers the following features to enterprise organizations:

  • Central and devolved control: A highly flexible management portal that allows central IT to control the platform, with devolved administration autonomy for sub-regional IT teams
  • Efficient: A single wizard-driven workflow combines multiple steps across various applications into an intuitive, repeatable process
  • Accurate: Highly technical decision-making is automated for repeatability to reduce errors and enforce your design rules
  • Secure: Developed to the strictest security standards covering encryption, authentication, attack prevention and much more to keep your data safe
  • Extensible: Rapidly implement automated UC management workflows to support new applications and services, extend that automation to other IT systems, and adapt the platform to your evolving business needs

VOSS-4-UC will be demonstrated at VOSS booth #932 at Enterprise Connect, with a special focus on four unique differentiators:

Dynamic Communications Workflow Automation – As organizations embark on a digital transformation to reform their business and operational processes, UC plays an increasingly important role in this journey. VOSS-4-UC’s Dynamic Communications Workflow Automation framework provides the business intelligence to bring communications workflow into those reformed business and operational processes to ensure that they are better adopted and provide greater benefits to the organization’s bottom line.

UC Middleware – All business and operational elements in VOSS-4-UC are abstracted from the core architecture and are available in the configuration layer. This means that the GUI, workflow, templates, business logic are not hard-coded; they are fully configurable through the GUI and as a result, VOSS-4-UC unlocks unprecedented levels of agility for organizations.

Automation Extension – An extensive baseline of sophisticated UC operational automation and management capabilities can be leveraged in VOSS-4-UC. By applying VOSS-4-UC Automation Extension, the end-to-end UC provisioning processes can be adapted and tailored to increase the level of automation, e.g. across multi-vendor or hybrid-cloud. This drives down operating costs to well below the industry average and removes the need for complex coding which eliminates associated time and budget implications.

IT-to-UC Integrations – Organizations can harness the power of VOSS-4-UC as the single point of integration to interconnect their UC with their business and IT systems, unlocking integrated flow-through provisioning processes. This will reduce time and costs associated with managing multiple business processes, and lead to higher rates of productivity.

Mike Frayne, CEO at VOSS Solutions, commented; "Increasingly, Enterprise organizations are asking VOSS to support their digital transformation projects, as they move towards a much more integrated IT and communications infrastructure. Digital transformation is impossible without high levels of automation and agility. We are glad to be able to evolve our UC management platform to bring dynamic communications workflow automation to our customers, to support their transformation journey."

To book a meeting with VOSS at Enterprise Connect, please email [email protected].


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