Global CPaaS Innovator, Voximplant, Launches One-Click Integration With Google Cloud Dialogflow

16 Jul 2020

Voximplant, the voice-first cloud communications company, today announced one-click integration of Google Cloud Dialogflow into Voximplant's full-featured CPaaS platform. The company that empowers businesses and developers to accelerate real-time voice, video and messaging solutions development, has just made AI and voice-driven application development faster and easier. 

With today’s news, Voximplant expands its long and productive relationship with Google Cloud, using Dialogflow, the AI-powered platform for building natural and rich conversational experiences for communication apps. The new one-click ability makes integrating Dialogflow into Voximplant's full-featured CPaaS platform even faster and simpler, helping speed application development and rollout. Set apart in the category, Voximplant delivers a serverless, fully programmable platform with all of the capabilities that are needed to accompany a full-featured voicebot in modern call center and telephony environments. Further, Voximplant natively supports phone numbers from 60 countries out of the box.

Voximplant Enhances Interactions with Latest in Conversational Voice 

AI Technology

  • Easy to get started: Plug into Dialogflow with one-click
  • Calls to and from wherever you want: Connects to SIP or PSTN numbers
  • Inbound and outbound: Support both incoming calls and outgoing campaigns
  • Advanced interaction features: Customizable DTMF, barge-in, no input detection, recording, full audio playback controls, and more
  • Full developer control: Modify interactions from the gateway with API’s that mirror those provided by Dialogflow
  • Integration into Voximplant Kit: Drag & drop visual IVR and customer experience automation builder

“While our AI-enabled platform powers the development of every kind of communications application and bot innovation, we further distinguish ourselves with a voice-first focus that ensures more natural and improved customer interactions,” said Alexey Aylarov, CEO, Voximplant. “As a Google Cloud Technology Partner, we deliver developers a most adaptable and feature-rich Dialogflow gateway on the market. And our one-click integration empowers them with an even faster path to rolling out contact center AI capabilities across mediums, use-cases and devices.”

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About Voximplant

Founded in 2013, Voximplant empowers businesses and developers around the world to rapidly create and scale better communication experiences. Voximplant’s AI-enabled platform simplifies development and rapid deployment with serverless and no-code options that remove the complexities in infrastructure and technologies commonly associated with adding voice and video communication into applications. A global CPaaS innovator, Voximplant supports over 600 million calls per year for more than 20,000 customers around the world. Learn more about Voximplant at, and follow the company on Twitter and LinkedIn.



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