Watch This Space Podcast: The AI Revolution - Are We at the Beginning or the End? Reflections on Analyst Events from Zoom and Verint

12 Jun 2024

With AI moving so quickly – yet without much ROI to speak of – it’s fair to ask if we’re at the beginning or the end with this revolution. For this episode, BCStrategies' Jon Arnold and Chris Pine shared insights from recent events with Zoom and Verint – two companies going all-in with AI.

Both are aiming high, solving problems that only AI can handle, and we explore the bigger picture as to whether they will succeed. While they seem to be on the right track, there may be limits to how much automation workers and customers really want, making this another Watch This Space topic. Find out for yourself by checking out our June podcast.



Watch This Space podcast - June 2024


Watch This Space (WTS) - The podcast about future of work, communications technology and business transformation - is a monthly podcast that has been produced by Jon Arnold and Chris Fine since 2018. Two analog guys searching for the soul of technology in a digital world.



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