Watch This Space Podcast: Conference Roundup - 8x8, Enterprise Connect, VON Evolution, HPE Aruba - and the State of Enterprise Communications

11 Apr 2023

Our April episode serves as a roundup of recent and upcoming events on our calendar, namely 8x8, Enterprise Connect, VON Evolution and HPE Aruba. Chris Pine and BCStrategies' Jon Arnold also review the current state of enterprise communications - in particular, what’s missing to make meetings feel more immersive, as well as inclusive, especially for remote workers. They also went out on a limb to talk about how collaboration vendors can borrow from the retail world to build their brands and showcase how great their experiences can be.



Watch This Space podcast


Watch This Space (WTS) - The podcast about future of work, communications technology and business transformation - is a monthly podcast that has been produced by Jon Arnold and Chris Fine since 2018. Two analog guys searching for the soul of technology in a digital world.



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