Watch This Space Podcast: East Meets West - Takeaways From Mobile World Congress Shanghai and the Bleeding Edge of 5G

11 Aug 2023

BCStrategies' Jon Arnold and Chris Pine usually cover multiple topics on Watch This Space, but Jon's recent trip to China was so fascinating – and touched on so many tangents – that they didn’t talk about anything else. The main topic was Jon's experience at the Mobile World Congress event in Shanghai, with some sidebars to his broader impressions of going to China for the first time. Technology-wise, 5G is the big story there, so if you want to know what’s coming in the wireless world, this is the episode for you.




Watch This Space podcast


Watch This Space (WTS) - The podcast about future of work, communications technology and business transformation - is a monthly podcast that has been produced by Jon Arnold and Chris Fine since 2018. Two analog guys searching for the soul of technology in a digital world.



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