Watch This Space Podcast: Takeaways from Enterprise Connect, and How Did We Get Here with AI from the Days of PBX and Legacy Telephony?

9 Apr 2024

Having returned from Enterprise Connect the night before, the time was right for BCStrategies' Jon Arnold and Chris Pine to talk about takeaways from the 2024 edition, of which there were many. Before talking about how AI has now become the main focus of the event, we felt compelled to put things in perspective first. This conference used to be solely about PBXs – hardware-based telephony – and we reviewed how the communications technology space has been radically transformed in very little time by AI. Digital natives may not find this perspective relevant, but trust us, it is, and we’ll leave it for you to decide after giving our latest episode a listen.



Watch This Space podcast - April 2024


Watch This Space (WTS) - The podcast about future of work, communications technology and business transformation - is a monthly podcast that has been produced by Jon Arnold and Chris Fine since 2018. Two analog guys searching for the soul of technology in a digital world.



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