What We Heard (or Didn't) at Enterprise Connect 2021

1 Oct 2021

Enterprise Connect 2021 was held virtually from September 27-29. In this Industry Buzz podcast, the BCStrategies Experts discuss what they heard, what they didn't hear that they expected to, and share their general impressions of the event.

Blair Pleasant moderates the conversation, with Robert Harris, Marty ParkerJon ArnoldPhil Edholm, Roberta J. FoxTom Brannen, Chuck Vondra and Kevin Kieller.  

Refer to the timecodes below for each speaker: 

  • Blair Pleasant 
  • Robert Harris (4:31)
  • Marty Parker (8:31)
  • Jon Arnold (14:17)
  • Phil Edholm (19:33)
  • Roberta J. Fox (25:26)
  • Tom Brannen (30:49)
  • Chuck Vondra (37:16)
  • Kevin Kieller (42:21)
  • Blair Pleasant (49:00)



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