WhatsApp Supports Four-Party Video Calling - A New Business Player?

13 Aug 2018

WhatsApp, the Facebook messaging applications just introduced multi-party video calling for up to four participants. The solution only works on mobile phones, IOS and Android.

This is another example of how communications are moving into applications generally, but raises interesting questions for corporate communications. As more and more customer interactions are moving into the social media domain, should the WhatsApp calling be integrated into the contact center? Will this be part of an overall Facebook strategy?

Some large enterprises have begun to use Facebook at Work for their employees as it uses a toolset they are already familiar with. For example, Starbucks has worked to use Facebook as a platform to interact with their employees/baristas. If WhatsApp is integrated with that, does the video become a way of delivering corporate communications in certain scenarios? For example, could this be used for communications with employees in industries where most of the employees do not have an individual DID (retail, banking, transportation, health care, etc.)? By integrating corporate communications into a solution already being used (the smartphone and WhatsApp), could this change the paradigm?

With over 50% of global BC seats with users who do not use collaboration tools, the advent of a social/basic communications that is totally mobile device centric could be a new solution for some organizations.


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