Workato Delivers Collaborative Communications Features for Business Applications

Partnership with RingCentral is the first to use customer data across apps to automate business processes and improve user productivity

Workato, an enterprise class integration and automation platform, today announced a partnership with RingCentral, a provider of enterprise cloud communications and collaboration solutions, to deliver unified customer experiences by enabling businesses to integrate RingCentral into their business workflows. The partnership is the first to provide 360 degree access to customer data across apps, solving customer issues faster and automating sales processes to improve sales productivity.

“We are excited to partner with RingCentral to transform sales and customer support operations by integrating communications into their business workflows,” said Markus Zirn, VP, Business Development at Workato. “With this partnership, sales and customer support teams will see significant efficiencies through automatic logging of calls and other activities, into CRM and Customer Support applications. This further enhances every customer interaction by bringing context from other applications into RingCentral.”

As a powerful illustration of this partnership, when a call comes through RingCentral from an existing HubSpot contact for example, the employee can see all relevant information about the caller thanks to the insights Workato pulls from applications like Zendesk, JIRA, ServiceNow, Intacct and others. This creates a 360 degree view of the caller’s interactions with the company across channels that are easily accessible from one place, in this case HubSpot. For the agent, having additional context with a fuller view of the caller allows them to provide an enriched call experience.

Once the call is completed, Workato automatically logs that call directly under the caller’s HubSpot entry. The log includes details about who called, the time and the duration of the call. If the caller isn’t an existing contact, then Workato creates a new entry in HubSpot and logs the details of the call. At the end of a call, Workato can automatically send a survey using a tool like SurveyMonkey or Qualtrics if desired, to get feedback from the customer. The same capability is available for RingCentral to other CRM applications like Salesforce and Insightly.

Even when a call is missed in RingCentral, the integration with Workato provides value and opportunity by automatically sending a text message to the intended call recipient, including the time and the caller’s contact information. This SMS is available only in the US; email notification is used for international calls.

“Our partnership with Workato is strategic to our mission to streamline and unify the user experience in the workplace,” said David Lee, vice president of platform at RingCentral. “The line between communications and collaboration is blurring at an exponential pace. Workato’s solutions are another proof point of the value derived when you use open APIs to break down the barriers of data across business applications by embedding messaging, collaboration and task automation into business workflows.”

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