Yamaha UC Now Shipping ADECIA Ceiling Solution for Complete, Touchless Meeting Audio

18 Feb 2021

Yamaha Unified Communications is now shipping the ADECIA ceiling solution, an innovative family of communication products designed to work seamlessly together to provide a complete and customizable audio solution for any enterprise or meeting space. As employees head back to the office, ADECIA is the perfect touchless solution for crystal clear and socially distanced meetings. It includes the brand-new multi-beamforming RM-CG ceiling microphone and RM-CR audio processor, as well as Yamaha's long-trusted PoE switches and VXL Series line array speakers.
“Today’s meeting environment calls for flexibility and absolute clarity from anywhere in the room,” said Michael Fitch, vice president of sales and marketing at Yamaha UC. “ADECIA is the first solution of its kind that helps companies safely welcome employees back into meeting rooms while ensuring they have a system that’s ready for communication demands now and in the future. It intelligently tracks conversations around the room without programming or labor-intensive setup while applying Yamaha technologies that provides a great audio experience for everyone.”
ADECIA enables organizations to overcome implementation, configuration, and room acoustic challenges by providing all the equipment required for a successful installation with the highest audio quality. Every component of the system, from the microphones to speakers as well as the required networking and communication equipment, automatically integrates thus reducing time, costs, and installation complexities.
The complete solution immediately detects all components of the system and configures them to be optimized for the room environment, accounting for the location of speakers and microphones, reverberation, and echo behavior. Setting up a room is done through the system's configurator in four effortless steps. With USB, Bluetooth®, Dante, and analog connections, this flexible system can fit a variety of enterprise or meeting spaces.

About Yamaha Unified Communications

Audio and video conferencing solutions from Yamaha Unified Communications, Inc. streamline collaboration and boost productivity wherever people work. Yamaha’s renowned and rigorous approach to development and manufacturing of enterprise-grade microphone systems, conference phones, and video sound bars ensures superior audio quality, reliability, and flexibility. With both wired and wireless options, Yamaha’s unified communications (UC) products enable users to have natural, clear conversations in every meeting space.

More information can be found at uc.yamaha.com.


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