Yamaha UC Sponsors WeAreTeachers.com Giveaway

7 May 2021

Educators Have a Chance to Win One of Three Prizes That Include Personal Yamaha YVC-200 Speakerphones, Education Wireless Mic Kits, and CS-700 Video Sound Bar to Support Productive Learning Experiences

Yamaha Unified Communications is taking part in WeAreTeachers.com's teacher appreciation giveaways. From now through May 31, educators can enter to win one of three prizes from Yamaha. Helping to engage students, boost understanding, and overcome audio fatigue, the prize packages include: 10 YVC-200 Personal Speakerphones for third place award winners; one Education Wireless Mic Kit and YVC-200 for second place; and the grand prize comprising a CS-700 Video Sound Bar, Education Wireless Mic Kit, and a YVC-200.

"Teachers work hard every day, but this past year, we've witnessed their commitment to create hybrid and remote classrooms that continue to deliver the same high-quality learning experiences to their students as they always have," said Meghan Kennelly, director of global marketing and communications at Yamaha Unified Communications. "In honor of their hard work and dedication, we've teamed up with WeAreTeachers to give back to their classrooms with solutions that are designed to eliminate the challenges that poor audio can create. Thank you, teachers, for all you do!"

High-quality audio is critical for productive classes. However, laptop audio is known to deliver a poor audio experience. Over time it can cause audio fatigue, misunderstandings, and a frustrating experience overall. Yamaha's YVC-200 Personal Speakerphone was specifically designed to provide superior audio when conducting calls from a laptop or smart device. It easily connects to a laptop via USB cable or a device via Bluetooth®/NFC. Available in black or white, it features a portable, low-profile design and a 10-hour talk time, allowing users to take their most important conversations and classes anywhere.

The Education Wireless Microphone Kit from Yamaha is the perfect solution for education — whether in the classroom or at home. It provides wireless flexibility for freedom of movement, making it ideal for remote lecture capture as well as interactive online learning. With voice lift enabled, it complements classrooms needing to amplify presentation audio for a crystal-clear listening environment. It features plug-and-play integration with the user's chosen UC software, including Zoom, Teams, Webex, and more.

Designed for huddle rooms and small group interaction, the Yamaha CS-700 Video Sound Collaboration System includes everything a teacher needs — microphones, speakers, and HD camera — in a simple, all-in-one system that engages students both in class and remotely. The wide-angle HD camera captures both teacher and student participation on screen and helps to make remote participants feel like they're right in the classroom. It features an adaptive beamforming microphone array for perfectly captured lessons and exchanges between the teacher and students. To save valuable classroom time for learning and teaching, it connects to any UC platform, including Zoom, with plug-and-play operability via USB.

Enter the giveaway here.

About Yamaha Unified Communications

Audio and video conferencing solutions from Yamaha Unified Communications, Inc. streamline collaboration and boost productivity wherever people work. Yamaha's renowned and rigorous approach to development and manufacturing of enterprise-grade microphone systems, conference phones, and video sound bars ensures superior audio quality, reliability, and flexibility. With both wired and wireless options, Yamaha's unified communications (UC) products enable users to have natural, clear conversations in every meeting space.

More information can be found at uc.yamaha.com.



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