Yamaha Unified Communications, Inc.


Audio and video conferencing solutions from Yamaha Unified Communications (UC), streamline collaboration and boost meeting productivity. Yamaha UC’s enterprise-grade microphone systems, conference phones, and video sound bars are designed to ensure exceptional audio quality, ease of connectivity, and flexibility. With core tenets of simplicity, clarity, and efficiency, the company brings to unified communications a passion for sound and performance that has been creating excitement and inspiration for more than 130 years. Its professional-grade technologies eliminate communication barriers that are typically overlooked, helping teams collaborate better by enhancing the quality of every conversation so it sounds as compelling across the globe as it does across the table.

Unified Communications Solutions

From teleconferencing to video conferencing, Yamaha UC offers a comprehensive portfolio of world-class UC solutions. Wired and wireless options complement today’s nuanced and hectic business systems. Designed with stylish and compact form factors, they transform the meeting space and facilitate natural conversation. Easy-to-use, plug-and-play systems facilitate bring-your-own-device (BYOD) environments as well as fully managed networks. The company continues to innovate audio and telephony systems that push technological boundaries, yet still support standards to mesh seamlessly with today's enterprise architectures. Yamaha UC systems are secure (encrypted) and environmentally friendly. Each product has won prestigious industry awards, and continues to receive rave reviews from consumers.

Yamaha CS-700 Video Sound Bar for Huddle Rooms

A wall-mounted, all-in-one AV conferencing system that addresses all communication and collaboration requirements of a huddle room.
Features an industry-leading camera with 120-degree viewing angle that allows viewing of all participants without panning or zooming as well as a beamforming microphone array and four-speaker sound bar for the best intelligibly.

Supports preferred business communication applications including Microsoft Skype for Business, Zoom, Vidyo and many more!
Easy configuration and management of all systems is possible from a remote location simply using a web browser.

YVC-1000MS USB & Bluetooth™ Speakerphone

Designed for large meeting spaces, the Yamaha YVC-1000MS is certified Skype for Business and expertly detects, monitors, and tunes the audio to the acoustics of the environment.
The separate microphone and speaker unit allows the speaker to be placed close to a video display while the microphone remains in the center of the table or daisy-chained with other microphones to accommodate special table configurations, such as a horseshoe setup.

Users can easily bridge calls from a smartphone connected by Bluetooth™ to calls from a video conferencing unit or a computer-based conferencing application connected by USB.

YVC-200 Personal USB & Bluetooth™ Speakerphone

Personal, portable compact speaker phone that features Yamaha’s professional-quality DSP technology (AEC, ultra-wideband audio, and more) to deliver reliable and natural audio meeting presentations for the business pro on the go.

Multiple connection options to laptop, phone or tablet by USB, Bluetooth™ or NFC, allowing users to connect and collaborate easily with their preferred conference application.

Users have complete portability thanks to a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 10 hours or longer through a USB connection.

A headphone plug allows for private listening.

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