Zoom Bombing or Zoom Bashing? What Critical Security Lessons Do We Need to Learn?

13 Apr 2020

In this Industry Buzz podcast, the BCStrategies Experts take a look at the recent surge of security issues in videoconferencing. BC Experts participating include Steve Leaden, Jim Burton, Michael Finneran, Phil Edholm, Dave Smith and Jon Arnold.

Key suggestions for Zoom and other meeting products:

  1. Password protect your meeting
  2. Don't re-use the same Personal Meeting ID between meetings
  3. Enable a lobby or waiting room feature so you can choose who to admit to the meeting
  4. Only let specific presenters share content
  5. "Lock meeting" when all expected attendees are present so that no one else can join

For IT Professionals, make sure you:

  1. Configure appropriate policies to enforce security. For example, with Zoom you can require all meetings to have a system-generated password.
  2. Provide training on how to use your selected videoconferencing product AND repeat training on a regular basis.

Articles referenced in podcast:

Refer to the time codes below for each speaker:

  • Kevin Kieller
  • Steve Leaden (:40)
  • Jim Burton (4:52)
  • Michael Finneran (7:23)
  • Phil Edholm (10:23)
  • Dave Smith (16:07)
  • Jon Arnold (19:24)
  • Kevin Kieller (23:16)


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