Zoomtopia 2022 – Email, Spots, and More

Zoomtopia 2022

There was a lot of buzz and new announcements at Zoomtopia 2022, held in San Jose, CA last week. As CEO Eric Yuan exclaimed during this keynote, “What’s next for Zoom? So freaking much! We have launched over 1,500 features and enhancements this year.”

The big announcements included the introduction of Zoom email and calendar, as well as Spots (which I’m still trying to better understand). My main coverage areas are contact center and unified communications, so I focused on Zoom Phone and Zoom Contact Center during the event.

Industry conferences were in full swing last month, and the topics in this title provide a sense of what BCStrategies' Jon Arnold and co-host Chris

The hybrid work pendulum continues swinging back and forth and following the discussion of quiet quitting last month, in this episode BCStrategies'

Avaya and the Voice of the Channel

Channel partners have always played a very large role in Avaya’s go-to-market efforts, and have been key to the company’s growth, helping to support Avaya’s large installed customer base. With a new CEO and relatively new North America Channel Chief, Avaya has been on a mission to listen to and engage with its channel partners to better understand their views and concerns.

Quiet quitting has become the nom du jour in hybrid work circles, and in this episode, BCStrategies' Jon Arnold and co-host Chris Fine examine the

My Perspective on Zoom Perspectives 2022

Zoom Perspectives Analyst Conference, Solvvy, Zoom Contact Center, Class Technologies,

The Zoom Perspectives Analyst Conference in San Jose, CA demonstrated how to run a hybrid event. With hosts, presenters, and analyst attendees both in the physical and remote locations, Zoom showed off its events platform and set the bar for hybrid events going forward. Josh Brage, Global Services Manager, was the Remote Host and MC, and there was even a remote house band located in Austin, TX to perform between speakers. Remote attendees were able to participate in the live chat and Q&A and were equal participants during the sessions, as shown below.