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5G to Revolutionize the Networking Industry, But Can Security Keep Up?

The advent of a “gigabit cellular service,” such as the much-anticipated launch of 5G, has the potential to completely revolutionize the networking industry. One of the biggest factors pushing organizations towards 5G has been the limitations imposed by the traditional concept of network connectivity, which until now, hasn’t been possible any other way. Organizations big and small have relied on an antiquated approach to distribute connectivity to individuals so they can access necessary information and applications.

Mobile Services: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

While the cellular market is built on some of the most advanced technologies we encounter in networking, almost no one involved in buying it knows the first thing about the technology. Knowing how to add emojis to a text message now seems to qualify someone as “expert” in mobile technologies. The cellular carriers have tacitly encouraged this incompetence by fielding sales forces that are well versed in all of the consumer hot buttons on mobile devices but know little about what enterprise buyers need to understand.

Mobility Really Means Being More Human

It was great catching up with Ericsson last week in San Francisco at the inaugural Mobile World Congress Americas conference. Ericsson is doing incredible work to advance innovation by partnering with operators globally around IoT and 5G deployments, ranging from testing new radio technology, like advanced MIMO, to new core 5G systems for providing network slicing, to applications like Autonomous vehicles.

The Future Of IoT, 5G And M2M In The Automotive Industry

Although many people expect the car of the future to be a self-driving car, there is much more to the digitalization of cars. The concept of a connected car has already taken root in the minds of the experts in the automobile industry. The Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, and M2M technologies will have a profound impact on the automobile industry in the near future. The GSMA predicts the annual sales of connections for automobiles will reach 91-million units by 2025!