In this Industry Buzz podcast hosted by Jim Burton, the BCStrategies Experts preview what they expect to see in 2020.

Where Digital Marketing Fails

If you are a marketing person today, nobody cares about your “offline” skills. Everybody wants a digital marketer. Yet eCommerce currently makes up only 10% of all retail sales.

Some companies like Procter & Gamble are starting to figure out the disconnect and in fact in the last year P&G cut $200 million from its digital spend. Reasons stated are lack of measurement tools and “brand safety” (Tide Pod for lunch anyone?).

Nextiva Launches NextOS

Nextiva has announced the launch of a new platform, complete with several new tools and features for customer service, chats, and surveys. The new NextOS platform is rolling out to select businesses across several industries, and is set to be widely available in early 2018.

Serenova Acquires TelStrat

Serenova has announced its acquisition of TelStrat, a provider of call recording, quality, analytics, and workforce management solutions. Upon this acquisition, Serenova’s customer base will increase to over 1,100 customers, making it the second largest independent Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) provider.

In this Executive Insights podcast, UCStrategies welcomes ThinkingPhones to the call to discuss the company's mobile initiative.

Ryan Hollenbeck, Senior VP of Marketing, Verint, and Nancy Treaster, Senior VP & General Manager of Strategic Operations for Verint discuss its