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Musings from Cisco 10th Annual Contact Center Sales Summit

Musings from the Cisco 10th Annual Contact Center Sales Summit

Last week Cisco held its annual Contact Center Sales Summit in Hollywood, Florida. This year's gathering of product managers, sales overlays, channels, and technology partners increased in size by 50% and, for the first time, included some customers. Cisco collaboration applications business grew 15% last fiscal year, a noticeable uplift over the previous ones. It gave the company the opportunity to share its ambitions for its contact center product line.

Voice Summit 2019 – Brave New World

Voice Summit 2019

Here’s my main message from last week’s conference in Newark – the future of voice has nothing to do with telephony.

In fact, the future of voice has nothing to do with telephony, and it doesn’t have much to do with PCs or mobile phones either.

These are the cornerstones of the business communications world we know so well, so how can this be? What’s left?

At Five9’s first analyst summit since Rowan Trollope became CEO, a group of industry analysts had the opportunity to spend a day and a half with th

Enterprise Connect 2019

Experience, experience, experience – that was the theme at this year’s Enterprise Connect.

Five Ways Executives Are Increasing Customer Satisfaction

Consumer preferences for customer service have quickly evolved over the past few years, and in order to effectively compete, businesses need to identify and recognize these preferences. To help organizations better understand the current state of customer service, Five9 partnered with Zogby Analytics to survey Business Decision Makers (BDMs) with 100 or more employees about the state of customer service and support and the role that customer service plays in various business considerations. The survey focused on three key areas:

Bridges and Clouds - Cisco Collaboration Analyst Summit 2019

Cisco Webex - Power of the Platform

New leadership team, new energy. That’s what the analysts who attended the Cisco Collaboration Analyst Summit got to experience. Led by the effervescent Amy Chang, Cisco’s collaboration team is enthusiastic, passionate, and energetic, ready to take on old and new competitors in the collaboration space. The team is focused on growth and celebrated 24% year-over-year growth with champagne and cupcakes for the analysts (I’d also like to give a shout out to Chuck Robbins who took time out of his busy earnings announcement day to meet with the analysts and answer questions).