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Bridges and Clouds - Cisco Collaboration Analyst Summit 2019

Cisco Webex - Power of the Platform

New leadership team, new energy. That’s what the analysts who attended the Cisco Collaboration Analyst Summit got to experience. Led by the effervescent Amy Chang, Cisco’s collaboration team is enthusiastic, passionate, and energetic, ready to take on old and new competitors in the collaboration space. The team is focused on growth and celebrated 24% year-over-year growth with champagne and cupcakes for the analysts (I’d also like to give a shout out to Chuck Robbins who took time out of his busy earnings announcement day to meet with the analysts and answer questions).

ALE Connex19 – Celebrating 100 Years

Sometimes analysts have a really tough job, yet some how we manage to persevere. Recently Alcatel Lucent Enterprise (ALE) celebrated its 100th anniversary and held its analyst conference in the principality of Monaco, home to the Monte Carlo casino, the royal palace, and lots of really, really expensive cars. Among the glitz and glamor, ALE presented its strategy and roadmap to around 40 communications and networking analysts, while providing us with an update about their successes to date.

The company’s key focus areas are around several areas:

In this Industry Buzz podcast, the BCStrategies Experts offer thoughts on what to expect in 2019.

Musings from the Fifth Conversational Commerce Conference

The Opus Conversational Commerce Conference took place mid-September in San Francisco. It is the fifth edition of the event previously called the Intelligent Assistance Conference. It has become a lighthouse event, gathering industry experts, vendors and enterprise early adopters of conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI). It provides the perfect opportunity for discussing some market trends. 

New Kids in the Customer Interaction Management Space: Salesforce

Referring to Salesforce Service Cloud as a new entrant in the customer interaction management space is almost an oxymoron. With a run rate of over $3 Billion, it looks more like a gorilla. Yet, Service Cloud is mostly known for case management. I spoke with Bill Patterson, who became its General Manager last summer. He agrees that the market is not well aware of its interaction management capabilities. Let’s explore what it has to offer.

Having returned from Enterprise Connect the night before, the time was right for BCStrategies' Jon Arnold and Chris Pine to talk about takeaways fr