Artificial Intelligence (AI)

LivePerson Announces Performance Optimizer, Self-Service Tool to Measure and Manage Conversational Operations

New AI-powered solution lets brands understand every corner of contact center performance, compare to industry benchmarks for the first time, and improve key metrics

LivePerson, Inc., a global leader in Conversational AI, today announced the launch of Performance Optimizer™, a new, AI-powered tool for brands to measure and manage the health of their conversational operations.

Global CPaaS Innovator, Voximplant, Launches One-Click Integration With Google Cloud Dialogflow

Voximplant, the voice-first cloud communications company, today announced one-click integration of Google Cloud Dialogflow into Voximplant's full-featured CPaaS platform. The company that empowers businesses and developers to accelerate real-time voice, video and messaging solutions development, has just made AI and voice-driven application development faster and easier. 

AI and Real Time Speech Analytics Can Reshape the Contact Center

AI and Real Time Speech Analytics Can Reshape the Contact Center

The business press is awash in articles proclaiming the revolutionary impact of artificial intelligence (AI) and speech analytics (SA) to reshape how humans interact with computer systems. However, those grand proclamations typically lack near-term applications that would support such a position. The good news is that we are starting to see real world implementations and the benefits of applying AI to customer interactions in the contact center space in real time, and those deployments are showing measurable hard dollar payoffs.

Digital Transformations and Five Percent Solutions

Digital Transforms and Five Percent Solutions

I am in awe of and enjoy deferring to the incredible expertise of my BCStrategies colleagues. They are not just some of the brightest but also the hardest working people I know, thoughtful and thought-provoking. They have their ears, eyes and minds laser-focused on our industry. It is why they are recognized not merely as trusted thought leaders but also as integral to actually impacting the shape of the future. 

Why Move to the Cloud? Why Not?

Why Move to the Cloud? Why Not?

If the primary objective of your project is to move your communications, collaboration or contact center to the cloud, then you are likely on the wrong path.

This is not to say that moving to the cloud is a bad thing; but rather, project objectives should be based on measurable business outcomes and then the appropriate solution, which may include a cloud-based solution, should be identified. Deciding to move to the cloud is putting the cart before the horse.

Genesys Xperience19

Genesys Xperience19 - graphic 1

With the conference name of Xperience19, it’s clear that the key focus of this year’s Genesys’ annual customer conference was customer experience. During Xperience 19, Genesys hosted a group of analysts to give us an update on its products and services with a view to its roadmap. We were also treated to private demos, as well as meetings with execs (including new CEO Tony Bates) and several customers.

The two major themes were clearly Artificial intelligence (AI) and the move to the cloud.