Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Shakeups and Shakeouts in Collaboration – Setting the Stage for 2018

I can’t think of one thing – or company – that stood still in our space during 2017. Every player of note had at least one major development, and every trend that impacts collaboration moved forward or evolved in some fashion. I’m still using the same mobile device – that’s another conversation – but everything else has seen change, and here are my top shakeups and shakeouts that will set the stage for 2018.

Will AI Become Like Organic Food?

Two years ago, everything was about mobility, and last year was all about the cloud. Those uber-trends are still with us, with a lot of runway left, but there’s something bigger in the room now – Artificial Intelligence. Of course, these trends are connected – especially in the collaboration space – so we have to pay attention to all of them. Each is relevant to collaboration in its own way, but it’s interesting to note how they’re getting increasingly abstract, and that doesn’t make UC-related buying decisions any easier.


In this video interview, Jonathan Rosenberg, CTO for Cisco's Collaboration Business, explains how Cisco is differentiating itself in AI by focusing

Cisco AI Emerges

Cisco AI Emerges

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is clearly one of the hottest topics these days, and I recently had the opportunity to see and hear about some of the things the Cisco Collaboration Group is doing in this area. At a recent Cisco “AI Meets Collaboration” event for press and analysts with Cisco’s Emerge Lab, the company discussed how it’s using AI to “improve the way our customer’s employees work together.”

Dreamforce – Preparing for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

As San Francisco was invaded by well over 100,000 attendees to Salesforce’s annual Dreamforce conference, it was hard not to be overwhelmed. The sheer size of the crowds walking to and from the various venues throughout the city, plus the number of sessions (2700!), the festival atmosphere with bands, DJs, activities including a climbing wall, and name-brand speakers including Michelle Obama, Ashton Kutcher, Natalie Portman, Jenna Bush Hager, Barbara Pierce Bush, and more, made for a very different type of conference experience. 

Good Robot, Bad Robot, You Robot, iRobot, meRobot,

The “fact” that we stand to lose the artificial intelligence (AI) race to the Chinese, Russians, North Koreans, et al seems omnipresent in tech media buzz these days. It has jumped into national discourse because of its centrality to cyber war preparedness. While I appreciate our need in the U.S. to “win,” I am circumspect about AI hyperventilation and its touch tool, BOTs.