Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI – Agile Intelligence

AI - Agile Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is one of those concepts that is thrown at, into or added whenever someone wants to demonstrate they are using this new concept. Traditional AI is not something that is achieved or ever finished; it is a process by which you incorporate various kinds of machine technology with human efforts. Today various kinds of machine intelligence in the form of cognitive behavioral analysis, natural language processing, analysis of vast arrays of data and larger computing efforts are used to solve all the problems we face each day. 

How Businesses Can Use Machine Learning to Improve the Customer Experience

Maching learning to improve customer experience

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Despite being in widespread use throughout countless industries, machine learning remains commonly misunderstood (much like AI in general), even though it’s a fairly straightforward concept. To clarify, it involves programming computer systems with the capability to adapt their operations based on the data they receive and the conclusions they can reach from it.

What to say When Your CEO Asks “Why Don’t We Have AI?”

What to say When Your CEO Asks "Why Don't We Have AI?"

This may be oversimplifying things, but IT had better have an answer ready when it comes from executive management. It’s a highly loaded question, since it implies that you should have AI – whatever “AI” actually means. For those in IT circles, AI has a lot to do with technology, but your management team is likely thinking more about business outcomes and how to keep pace with competitors. Worse yet, they may see AI as the latest shiny ball they must have, and that it will somehow make the business more successful.

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Beyond Therapy: AI Gets Real

I just returned from a quick trip to New Hampshire for a client engagement. Three or four weeks ago my client booked a hotel room on my behalf and I received an email confirmation from the Crowne Plaza. I went to put it on my calendar, and found that my Big Brother had already read my email and entered it for me. Aha! I thought. This time Brother Google made a mistake. Brother Google got the dates right, but he noted I was staying at the DoubleTree.

Turns out Brother was right. A week before my arrival the hotel changed ownership.

8x8 Acquires MarianaIQ

8x8, Inc. has announced the acquisition of MarianaIQ, a startup focused on AI and deep learning. With this acquisition, 8x8 can add MarianaIQ’s deep learning capabilities to its X-Series, bringing new key Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities to its enterprise communications line.

Five9 Reveals Spring Release 2018

Five9, a provider of cloud contact communication software, has announced the Five9 Spring Release 2018. With this new release come new enhancements to its portfolio, bringing artificial intelligence (AI) to contact centers.

The key elements to the Spring Release 2018 are in Five9 Genius and Engagement Workflow. However, the Spring Release also includes enhancements for the rest of Five9’s portfolio, including extending the open platform, a multi-role performance dashboard, and a new Supervisor console.

VoIP Reliability and Quality, a Patented Path to Customer Satisfaction and IoT

In the rush to embrace convenience and lower operational costs, voice quality often gets the short end of the stick. Cellular service and voice over IP (VoIP) are two examples where individuals and businesses have, at first, been willing to accept dropped calls and compromises in audio in exchange for mobility, more features, and smaller bills. But savings and benefits are fleeting if customers are alienated and next-generation voice services are hamstrung because they don’t deliver reliable and differentiated services that please customers.