Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Reimagining Voice in the Age of AI

Just as the cloud was the trend du jour last year, it’s AI’s turn in 2017, and taken together, there’s a lot of disruption happening in the collaboration space. That ground has been well-covered here at BCStrategies, and we’ll be doing more of the same at our upcoming BC Summit. While it’s fun to pick through the many disruption scenarios, what decision-makers really want to know is where the opportunities lie.

Dimension Data Report Analyzes the Digital Transformation of the Workplace

As organizations shift to digital and virtual workplaces, it’s important to understand what drives the process, and what businesses are getting out of it. New research available from Dimension Data’s “Digital Workplace Report: Transforming Your Business” has provided several new insights into the trends driving the new digital workplace.

Inference CEO on the Evolution and Future of IVR

In this Executive Insights interview, Blair Pleasant speaks with Callan Schebella, CEO of Inference Solutions.

Powering Connections with Mitel

Mitel’s Elite Experience Americas conference brought together some of Mitel’s top partners, as well as customers, analysts, and consultants, who enjoyed great food, Texan hospitality, and some not-so-great weather in San Antonio. The theme of the event was “Powering Connections,” and CEO Rich McBee provided the audience with Mitel’s vision for the future.

Cisco Announces MindMeld Acquisition

Cisco is ready for another acquisition, with its announced intent to acquire MindMeld Inc. MindMeld, an artificial intelligence (AI) company with 10 patent assets to its name, is known for its unique AI platform that lets customers create intelligent, human-like conversational interfaces for applications and devices, developed and advanced through its proprietary machine learning (ML) technology.

In this Industry Buzz podcast,