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The “Hidden” Value of UC Cloud Services


Imagine a world where Unified Communications is less complex and "simple" is now the iterative word. Imagine a world where enterprise users look to an OPEX hosted model as their financial model moving forward. And imagine a world where cloud-based technologies are taking "front and center stage," helping drive organizations to move forward to replace their aging Telephony infrastructure.

UCC – It's a Business Thing

While the adoption of UC has languished in many organizations, business leaders continue to see the value in enabling collaboration between their employees. Part of the challenge is that more and more interactions that can benefit from the new generation of collaboration and content sharing tools are not internal to the organization, but external. UC products that address internal communications can also be used for external interactions with customers, partners, suppliers, and others. However, there are significant challenges when extending an internal system to an external world.

Ready to Bring Cloud-Based UC to Your SMB?

Top Factors to Consider

Businesses of every size are beginning to embrace cloud communications, as they learn how the cloud can help them reduce costs, manage complexity, and improve productivity. According to industry analyst firm IDC, this ongoing increase in adoption is helping to, in turn, drive the adoption of cloud-based unified communications (UC) and UC-as-a-Service (UCaaS), particularly for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs).

Putting Mobile Collaboration to Work

It is no secret that business is becoming more mobile and more collaborative. As they do, enterprises need to equip their people with the tools that will enable this transition. Gone are the days when business could be conducted solely with phones and email. Organizations need to be able to respond effectively anywhere and anytime, and having partners that can support that environment with communications platforms and networks will be key to prospering in this new world.

Through the UC Looking Glass into the World of Collaboration

A revolution is under way in how organizations conduct business. As businesses transition towards collaborative environments, the way that work life and personal life interact is being significantly changed. The growing demand within businesses for new tools to help improve productivity for both individuals and teams is driving the evolution towards the use of collaboration tools and applications that change the way we work and interact.

In this Executive Insights podcast, UCStrategies' Jim Burton is joined by Rich Shaw, VP of Voice and Collaboration Services at AT&T.