In this Industry Buzz podcast the BCStrategies Experts address a variety of recent news items.


In this video interview, Jonathan Rosenberg, CTO for Cisco's Collaboration Business, explains how Cisco is differentiating itself in AI by focusing

The announcement of Cisco's acquisition of BroadSoft is the topic of this week's Industry Buzz podcast.

Cisco Announces MindMeld Acquisition

Cisco is ready for another acquisition, with its announced intent to acquire MindMeld Inc. MindMeld, an artificial intelligence (AI) company with 10 patent assets to its name, is known for its unique AI platform that lets customers create intelligent, human-like conversational interfaces for applications and devices, developed and advanced through its proprietary machine learning (ML) technology.

Tomorrow's UC - Nobody's Talking About Voice

Analysts are good at seeing the big picture, and we all connect the dots in different ways. As we know, UC continues to be a moving target, especially as both innovation and disruption continues to be driven from players outside the realm of who we usually talk about. For this post I'm going to link takeaways from three recent items, with my take on how UC looks poised for yet another 90 degree turn.