Cisco Spark

Are You Allowing Microsoft, Cisco or Slack to Redefine Your Company Culture and the Value of Employee Communications?

Microsoft, Cisco and Slack are redefining your company’s communication capabilities and culture and leaving corporate communication staffs alone and under-viewed within your employee’s inboxes and web browsers. 
Over the last two years, Cisco, Slack and Microsoft have been aggressively pushing their respective team communication and collaboration applications deeper into your workplace, often at the expense of your enterprise communication messages, efforts and delivery channels.

Spark Doesn't Melt

Meltdown and Spectre — two massive security flaws revealed publicly this month — allow attackers to access “secure” data by compromising privileged processor memory. They are the mother of all security vulnerabilities, making the largest breaches and vulnerabilities in the past look like child’s play. The vulnerabilities are unprecedented. They impact processors as old as 20 years across multiple operating systems.

This week, Cisco Spark™ announced several breakthroughs around security, compliance and analytics, all of which are available through the new Cisco

Cisco Spark Makes Four Major Breakthroughs in Security, Compliance, and Analytics

SAN FRANCISCO, August 21, 2017 – Cisco understands the importance of security, compliance, and analytics. We infuse this thinking into everything we do. So it’s no surprise that our mission in collaboration has always been to give you incredible tools to bring ideas to life that provide world-class security and analytics.

Today, Cisco Spark™ makes four major breakthroughs to keep things running smoothly and also keep your most important information and ideas safe:

Cisco hosted recent events in San Francisco and regional centers to announce Cisco Spark 2.0 and C

Cisco Spark Board: Excellent Packaging, No Wires, A Few Strings

The Cisco Spark Launch event in San Francisco and online on January 24 was a top-notch production. The day-long event went from the always-excellent stagecraft of Rowan Trollope to the great hands-on demonstrations spaces to the small group sessions with Cisco's Spark leaders on both technical and business topics. Thanks, Cisco, for the invitation. It was a pleasure and a privilege to be there.

Cisco and Microsoft - Two Approaches to Room-Based Collaboration

Avaya's recent news has overshadowed everything else in the market, but Cisco and Microsoft are very good at staying in the limelight. As it turned out, last week both companies had collaboration updates, and I happened to get briefings on both. Cisco's latest iteration of Spark has been in the works for some time, and with so much at stake in terms of owning the collaboration experience, Microsoft was not going to remain on the sidelines.