Video Predictions for 2013

As the prediction season winds down, there's another prognosticator who deserves attention: Elliot Gold of Telespan. This is the 18th consecutive year that Mr. Gold has cast conferencing predictions, and according to his own analysis, his accuracy rate is 75 percent (127 correct out of 170).

Last week, he offered his 10 predictions for 2013 and then reviewed his forecasts from last year. The webinar and more information is available at his site

Fidelus Releases Provisioning Manager Express

Fidelus Technologies, LLC, has announced that Provisioning Manager Express, its newest software application, has ended its beta testing and is now available, with a free 30-day featured trial available for all users.

The Provisioning Manager Express is designed to make managing users on the Cisco Unified Communications Manager environment a simple task, using templates for standardized device management to save time and decreasing errors. Multiple templates can be made, each one designed for a specific employee type.

Cisco Acquires NDS Group

Cisco has recently announced its intent to acquire NDS Group Ltd. at the cost of $5 billion. This massive purchase is the latest in Cisco's line of acquisitions, and its largest since 2005.

The technologies Cisco gains from NDS will be leveraged in its home entertainment platform, Videoscape. Videoscape has also benefited from two of Cisco's previous acquisitions, BNI Video and Inlet, although neither were purchased for anywhere near the same price.

Is Your Next Desk Phone a Tablet?

Tablet computers have certainly been one of the hottest topics in enterprise computing since the introduction of the Apple iPad in 2010, and now everyone involved with UC is trying to get a piece of the action. While jumping on the bandwagon has always been great sport in the IT field, the value proposition must be valid, the user experience must be acceptable (or "awesome"), and the overall environment must be in sync with user expectations regarding the how, where, and why users are adopting this technology.