Quiet quitting has become the nom du jour in hybrid work circles, and in this episode, BCStrategies' Jon Arnold and co-host Chris Fine examine the

Watch This Space podcasts - Jon Arnold

COVID has been good for business in the collaboration space, and in this episode of "Watch This Space," Chris Fine and BCStrategies'

Asurion Enterprise - Working remotely? Your company can still create community

Working remotely comes with many benefits—from eliminating your commute to giving you more time with your family. But one drawback is not being around your coworkers. The atmosphere, camaraderie, and spontaneous conversations that happen when everyone’s together in an office are impossible to replicate at home and it becomes difficult to create community.

Asurion Enterprise - Tips to manage your new remote workforce

A dispersed company cannot be successful without the entire organization contributing to support their remote workforce. HR and IT must work together to keep their employees engaged and productive. In the U.S. a survey taken by Global Work Place shows that 73% of employees feel like they are very successful working from home. But this success didn’t come without challenges as a rush of employees went from office to home. 

Collaboration and Contact Center Architectural Strategies - Where to Start

Architectural Decisions Impact Downstream Collaboration and Contact Center Design Decisions

The landscape has become increasingly confusing for organizations planning to move to Collaboration and Contact Center platforms. Some vendors have a cloud first or cloud only strategy, while others offer either premises-based, private cloud, or UCaaS/CCaaS strategies. What high level criteria should be considered?