Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)

In this Industry Buzz podcast, the BCStrategies Experts discuss trends in CCaaS.

Contact Centers and Unified Communications: Better Together or Best-of-Breed?

Contact centers and Unified Communications (UC) have always been overlapping markets. They went through successive periods of coming closer together and then drifting away. Avaya has been a poster child of vendors trying to combine the two. It recently inked a strategic alliance with Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) provider RingCentral for UC. Its likely refocus on contact centers made me ponder on the interplay between the two markets.

The 2019 Customer Interaction Management Landscape Part 1: Market Shifts

Shift in the Playing Fied by Ranganath Krishnamani - Rolling Tire

Image credit: Shift in the playing field by Ranganath Krishnamani, rolling tire

Contact Center Week took place last week in Las Vegas. It is one of the largest events focused on customer service and customer experience and a perfect opportunity to refresh my industry landscape. A lot has happened since last year's update. Several trends have accelerated and are provoking significant market shifts.

Is the Balance of Power Shifting from UCaaS to CCaaS?

Is the Balance of Power Shifting from UCaaS to CCaaS?

This is a busy time for industry events, and we analysts are getting a heavy dose of updates across the collaboration spectrum. Not so long ago, that spectrum was mostly about UC, but now the cross-over with both contact center and CPaaS has become routine. Cloud-based contact center – CCaaS – is really hitting its stride now, and I’m not alone in saying that a fundamental shift is underway.

Cloud or Premise – Which One Is Right For You?

Cloud or Premise - Which One Is Right For You?

We at BCStrategies have been closely watching the UC UCaaS and Contact Center (CC) CCaaS markets evolving. More and more enterprises are considering the cloud as an alternative to a premise-based solution in our consulting practice. In fact, every RFP that we are now issuing includes a cloud alternative, and some are considering cloud only.

Cloud Growth, Reasons to Consider the Cloud

So what are the reasons for this market move?