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Where Digital Marketing Fails

If you are a marketing person today, nobody cares about your “offline” skills. Everybody wants a digital marketer. Yet eCommerce currently makes up only 10% of all retail sales.

Some companies like Procter & Gamble are starting to figure out the disconnect and in fact in the last year P&G cut $200 million from its digital spend. Reasons stated are lack of measurement tools and “brand safety” (Tide Pod for lunch anyone?).

Creating an Emotive Customer Experience: Where’s the Motivation?

My tired old iPhone 6 could really use a new battery. So, earlier this year I was pleased to learn about the $29 battery replacement program offered by Apple. Unfortunately, the whole experience left me sorely disappointed.

The program requires one to contact Apple support who will then order a battery to be sent to the local Apple store of your choice and schedule you with an appointment for the change out. I did that. The Apple representative was friendly enough and assured me they would get the battery on order right away.

UC Summit 2014 to Focus on Major Industry Trends

Leaders from all aspects of the Unified Communications (UC) industry are gathering in La Jolla, California, April 27-30, 2014, for a two and a half day conference, focusing on networking, building new relationships, product/market education and aligning business models with evolving and emerging technologies. Topics include mobility, wireless, WebRTC, cloud, SDN, hosted, hybrid cloud, MDM and contact center.

In this UCStrategies videocast with Blair Pleasant, Bruce Marler of CafeX demonstrates

Think Outside the "App": A Great Experience Begins With the Customer

A Thought Leadership Article from Interactive Intelligence

Smartphones, tablets, mobile information consumption, and mobile transacting. It's why more businesses are trying to develop the kind of mobile apps they believe their customers want. Yet with an estimated two-thirds of mobile customers needing to interact with a contact center agent at some point in the mobile service experience, there's often an abrupt disconnect.

Issues around Telephone Consumer Protection Act and Mobile Dialing

October 16, 2013.

Ask anyone working in a marketing department and a contact center if this date means anything and you likely get a variety of responses.

For most, it was a date that was white boarded and preparations were likely started back in 2012 when the FCC made some changes to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) guidelines. For others, it may have been a mad dash as they were still caught flat-footed and needed to play catch-up.

So what changes did the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) implement on October 16, and what would the impact be?