In this episode, BCStrategies' Jon Arnold and Chris Fine talk about how the growing n

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COVID has been good for business in the collaboration space, and in this episode of "Watch This Space," Chris Fine and BCStrategies'

Business Communication Vendors to the Rescue in the Age of Coronavirus

Business Communication Vendors to the Rescue in the Age of Corona Virus

Updated 5/29/2020 with Twilio (two entries)
Updated 5/19/2020 with Clarity Wave

As a response to the coronavirus or COVID-19, the “new normal” is remote work, or work from home (WFH). With recommendations to enforce “social distancing,” many organizations are telling employees to work from home, while schools and universities are closing their doors and turning to videoconferencing or distance learning.

A Modest Social Distancing Proposal: The Case for a Human Coronavirus Collision Avoidance System

The pictures of people not practicing social distancing are disturbing. In the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic, one would hope some version the old saying, “The right to swing my fist ends where the other man’s nose begins,” (attributed to Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., John Stuart Mill, Abraham Lincoln and others) would apply now more than ever. In short, liberty for health, keeping civil order and a myriad of other reasons has boundaries.

Scenarios for Post-COVID-19 Business Communications

Scenarios for Post-COVID-19 Business Communications

Right now, we are all thinking about how to manage through this current pandemic. It is really wonderful to see how our communities are cooperating to limit the spread and to avoid an overwhelming load on the health care system. Special appreciation goes to those who help keep us safe and cared for and supplied with necessities.

While we are in this “stay at home” period, aren’t we all thinking about what our lives and jobs are going to be like after this pandemic? There are lots of questions to answer and lots of choices to be made when the threat is past.

Is Now the Time to Consider a Cloud Communications Migration?

Is Now the Time to Consider a Cloud Communications Migration?

There is no time like a crisis to consider the future. Unfortunately, the Coronavirus pandemic has been a wake-up call for the importance of the cloud in support of, or as a replacement for, on-premises communications and customer service systems. The explosion in cloud-based meetings and collaboration services over the past two months catapulted all of us at once into a future that is more cloud-dependent for connecting and conducting business. Across the globe, meetings and collaboration usage has exploded. Usage of Cisco’s Webex Meetings Platform has surged 24 times.

Melissa Swartz hosted a group of BCStrategies Experts to discuss best practices for working from home (WFH).