In this Industry Buzz podcast hosted by Jim Burton, the BCStrategies Experts discuss 2019.

Introducing the New Vonage

Vonage new branding

At Vonage’s analyst conference in San Francisco last month, a group of analysts got to preview the newly branded Vonage which was introduced at the company’s inaugural user and developer conference, Vonage Campus. All of the brands are now simply Vonage – say goodbye to Nexmo and NewVoiceMedia, or separate business and consumer brands. As part of the rebranding, Vonage introduced a nice new logo and beautiful gradient color scheme and design for its website, dashboards, and more.


In this Executive Insights podcast, BCStrategies' Jim Burton discusses Sangoma's acquisition of VoIP Innovations, LLC (VI) with Ji

Who Should Have Bought ShoreTel?

Mitel has a definitive agreement to acquire ShoreTel, and I’m happy for all involved. We can argue all day if this was expected or inevitable, but the question I pose here is why weren’t there other bidders?

A quick look at the numbers shows an all cash deal of $530 million. That’s a lot of dough, but Mitel expects to realize $60 million in cost synergies within two years (mostly within one). That lowers to price down to $470 million. What’s Mitel get for that?

Genband Perspectives17 – 3 Takeaways

Another month, another conference. Having been to several over the past few months, it’s clear that every company has a different take on UC&C, and as UC Experts, we try to convey that here for our readers. After all, if you’re moving along the buyer’s journey for UC&C, it’s important to understand not just the technology and solutions on offer, but also how each vendor is approaching the problem set.

CPaaS 2.0 and The Next Generation

CPaaS 2.0 and The Next Generation

The topic of Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) has become very hot recently. At the BC Summit a couple of weeks ago, I discussed how CPaaS relates to UC and introduced the concept of CPaaS 2.0. The discussion focused on how the integration of communications into business processes is changing today and in the future. The presentation and discussion was very well received at the event and I have been asked to share the concepts here on the UCStrategies site.