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XM + CX = An Obvious Partnership

Qualtrics and Genesys just announced a new partnership, combining Qualtrics’ Experience Management (XM) capabilities with Genesys’ customer experience (CX) and contact center solutions, supporting Genesys’ vision of Experience as a Service. During a briefing with both companies, my initial reaction was, “What took so long – this is an obvious partnership.” 

Enterprise Connect 2019

Experience, experience, experience – that was the theme at this year’s Enterprise Connect.

NICE Announces New AI-Powered Robotic Process Automation, Accelerating Organizations’ Digital-First CX Strategy

NICE (Nasdaq: NICE) introduced new AI-powered capabilities that enable organizations to maximize the benefits of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for their business. Included in version 7.6, NICE RPA’s new capabilities include document digitization, ROI-based recommendation of ideal processes to automate, and a complimentary resource center with ready-made low-code/no-code resources for sharing.

Why Customer Experience (Lack of) Could Literally ‘Kill’ Your Organization, Part 1

Why Customer Experience (Lack of) Could Literally 'Kill' Your Organization, Part 1


Customer Experience (CX) is the new mantra for every organization that our consulting firm works for, from for-profit to not-for-profit organizations. It has taken center stage. It’s all about the customer, the patient, the member. It’s about success and survival for any organization moving forward.

What to say When Your CEO Asks “Why Don’t We Have AI?”

What to say When Your CEO Asks "Why Don't We Have AI?"

This may be oversimplifying things, but IT had better have an answer ready when it comes from executive management. It’s a highly loaded question, since it implies that you should have AI – whatever “AI” actually means. For those in IT circles, AI has a lot to do with technology, but your management team is likely thinking more about business outcomes and how to keep pace with competitors. Worse yet, they may see AI as the latest shiny ball they must have, and that it will somehow make the business more successful.