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The same technologies that contact centers have now embraced to better understand the customer journey can also be used to determine which customer

Where Digital Marketing Fails

If you are a marketing person today, nobody cares about your “offline” skills. Everybody wants a digital marketer. Yet eCommerce currently makes up only 10% of all retail sales.

Some companies like Procter & Gamble are starting to figure out the disconnect and in fact in the last year P&G cut $200 million from its digital spend. Reasons stated are lack of measurement tools and “brand safety” (Tide Pod for lunch anyone?).

In this Industry Buzz podcast, the UCStrategies Experts are joined by Karina Howell, Solutions Marketing Manager,

Genesys Connects Customer Service Agents With Mobile Apps

Genesys has launched a new customer care solution, an application that connects smartphone users with agents in contact centers and beyond instantly. Genesys Mobile Engagement, introduced at Genesys' G-Force customer event, is designed to empower customers who need live support quickly, and provides increased context to help personalize the mobile customer experience while empowering agents with the information they need.