During September, BCStrategies' Jon Arnold and Chris Pine both attended industry events in New York City, so they have lots to talk about in this p

TalkingHeadz Podcasts

In their TalkingHeadz on Enterprise Communications podcast series, BCStrategies Experts

Project Voice – The Future is in Chattanooga

Project Voice 2020

Nothing in that title likely makes sense to BCStrategies readers, but now that I have your attention, let me explain. Aside from being an independent analyst, I’m an unconventional analyst, and my perspectives are not drawn exclusively from the usual suspects in the collaboration space. Of course, that cast of characters grows larger as the cloud and AI players get a beachhead on territory dominated by the incumbent telecom vendors.

In this Executive Insights videocast, BCStrategies’ Jim Burton is joined by Poly CEO Joe Burton for more announcements from the new company.

In this Industry Buzz podcast, the UCStrategies Experts address failed predictions.

Wanna Hangout? Can We Do UC There?

Depending on your age, you'll think I'm like, totally being clever with this title, or that I actually talk this way all the time. Well, I don't speak as if every statement was a question, and I only say like or awesome if I really mean it. The Grand Canyon is awesome - showing up for work on time is, well, being on time - not being awesome.