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Asurion Enterprise - Working remotely? Your company can still create community

Working remotely comes with many benefits—from eliminating your commute to giving you more time with your family. But one drawback is not being around your coworkers. The atmosphere, camaraderie, and spontaneous conversations that happen when everyone’s together in an office are impossible to replicate at home and it becomes difficult to create community.

Asurion Enterprise - Tips to manage your new remote workforce

A dispersed company cannot be successful without the entire organization contributing to support their remote workforce. HR and IT must work together to keep their employees engaged and productive. In the U.S. a survey taken by Global Work Place shows that 73% of employees feel like they are very successful working from home. But this success didn’t come without challenges as a rush of employees went from office to home. 

Asurion Enterprise - Survey shows 47% increase in worker productivity

Is it possible that the move to remote work for the vast majority of American offices in 2020 resulted in increased productivity? Forbes reported earlier this spring that Prodoscore, a California-based company, using data analysis of common business tools and software found a 47% increase in worker productivity since COVID-19 forced many employees home this year. 

Asurion Enterprise - HR is just as important as IT when it comes to cybersecurity awareness

According to Gallup News, there are many more employees working from home than there were six months ago. And naturally, the home networks are likely much more exposed than they are from within a protected corporate office network. The cybersecurity threat amidst a distributed workforce is real and serious. 

Asurion Enterprise - How to prevent remote employees from virtual social burnout

From happy hours to birthday parties, we put so many activities on hold this year due to the pandemic, leaving employees with few opportunities to socialize during the workday. As teams began working away from the office, however, they figured out new and interesting ways to bring people together virtually. But in turn, some of those ideas left employees feeling stressed from social burnout amidst a barrage of work-related engagement obligations.