Avaya Introduces New Solutions For Business Collaboration

Avaya announced today the creation and release of several new solutions, which are intended to transform business collaboration. Among them are a family of real-time enterprise video communications and collaborations products and services, and the Avaya Flare Experience, a new user experience made to deliver unique collaboration capabilities for voice, video, and text.

The Other Voice Channels

The majority of voice systems are procured through indirect channels. The old term was "Interconnect," the provider interconnected branch equipment to the carriers. Other terms include Dealer, VAR, Systems Integrator, and Solution Provider. Yes, there are slight nuances, but for the most part they all describe channel partners that resells, installs, and supports voice systems. As a result of new technologies and the notion of convergence, several new channels are emerging. And these non-traditional channels deserve some recognition.

ShoreTel vs. Complexity

In an attempt to battle unnecessary and costly complexity, ShoreTel has begun an anti-complexity movement for the IP Telephony industry.

ShoreTel has denounced the way vendors commonly piece together solutions from several different proprietary technologies, creating higher long-run costs. Although it protects the vendors' positions and creates a continuous revenue stream, it's a practice far more complex and costly to consumers.

What's in a Name? Microsoft Renames OCS to Lync For More "User's Choice" In Real-time Communications

I was fortunate to participate in a discussion with my UCStrategies team and Microsoft about today's announcement of the next version of Office Communication Server. What was of most significance, is that Microsoft has renamed their software product (again), but, this time to one that will appeal to the individual end users, rather than to just IT management.

Microsoft Renames OCS to Lync

Microsoft Corporation has announced a new name for its next generation of real-time communications products. The product family known as Communication Server "14" (formerly Microsoft Communications, Microsoft Office Communications Server, Microsoft Communications Online, and Microsoft Communicator) will be officially named Microsoft Lync (rhymes with sink), and is publicly available Monday, September 13, 2010.

Microsoft announced the new name for the next generation of its real-time communications products

Nokia Appoints New President & CEO

As of September 21st, Stephen Elop will become President and Chief Executive Officer of Nokia, as appointed by its Board of Directors. Elop, who currently heads Microsoft's Business Division, has held senior executive position in several companies, including Adobe Systems Inc. and Macromedia Inc. and holds a degree in computer engineering and management from McMaster University.

Interactive Intelligence Provides Content Management Products to American Farmers & Ranchers Mutual Insurance

In an attempt to improve efficiency and customer service, American Farmers & Ranchers Mutual Insurance Company has purchased content management products from Interactive Intelligence. It is deploying the AcroSoft Documents and AcroSoft ScanPlus products to its claims and policy departments, which will be used by more than 170 employees upon completion of the deployment.