AVST Introduces New Repartee Release

Applied Voice and Speech Technologies, Inc. (AVST) announced its first release since the acquisition of Active Voice: the Repartee LX 11.3 and LXi 11.3, offering hospitality, voicemail, call processing, and many other features on a Linux-based platform. Repartee is designed for small and mid-sized businesses, and promises to cost-effectively manage voice communications, improve customer service, and increase productivity.

Use Cases Provide Foundation for UC Investments

There are more and more choices in Unified Communications these days, from an expanding list of suppliers. This is great, but it can make the Unified Communications decisions tougher, rather than simpler. At UniComm Consulting, we have successfully and repeatedly shown that the identification of the core Use Cases for communications in the enterprise and the business processes will highlight the optimal set and sequence of solutions and investments. Let's look at these points.

Multiple Dimensions on Cisco Cius

Well, the Cisco Cius made a splash this week. But it raises a lot of questions, too. Being a shiny, built-for-video, WiFI, 3G/4G, tablet device is a list of (interestingly packaged, but not unique) features, rather than an application nor a benefit. And, yes, there is a reason to examine it from the perspective of Unified Communications value, especially as Cius is offered as "(a) communications (device) integrated (e.g. to Quad) to enhance business processes (e.g. collaboration)." I.e. is exactly within the UCStrategies.com UC definition.

UC Video Now Visible from InterOp Las Vegas 2010

Two of your UCStrategies.com team, Don Van Doren and I, both with UniComm Consulting, delivered the core Unified Communications (UC) Session at InterOp Las Vegas 2010. Our two-hour session was titled: "Choosing a Vendor and Implementing Unified Communications" and built on the same concepts included in the UC Resources section of UCStrategies.com. The session also includes an overview of the UC offerings, including pricing, from 8 top UC vendors.

A New Focus: My Visit with Cisco's Customer Collaboration Business Unit

We have all experienced it. You are in a business meeting and you spy an acquaintance you have not seen in a long while. You get to talking and you notice that there has been a marked change in your friend. Your old closed-off friend is now more open and has a wider view of the world. That is what it felt like after attending the Cisco Customer Collaboration Business Unit (CCBU) analyst day on June 16.

Broadcore Brings Support for Wireless Telephony

Broadcore recently introduced support for wireless telephony for enterprises, which will provide seamless integration of users' desk phones and wireless headsets.

This solution is provided by Broadcore integrating its scalable, extensible software platform with Polycom's DECT wireless servers and wireless handsets. It not only eliminates the need for non-standard cabling, but simplifies administration and maintenance, reduces costs, and improves employee mobility and connectivity.

What Every UC Call Center Should Know About Session Border Controllers

The Call Center/Contact Center has been evolving since the first center in 1976 at Continental Airlines. Many things have changed over that 34-year period to where we are today with the migration to Voice over IP (VoIP). VoIP delivers significantly lower recurring costs and is a key enabler of contact center virtualization, allowing agents to work anywhere they have IP network access, including at home and while mobile.

Cisco Quad - Enterprise Collaboration and More

Cisco Systems publicly launched Quad, its Enterprise Collaboration Platform, at the recently completed Enterprise 2.0 conference in Boston. I had the opportunity to discuss Quad and the development process with Jim Grubb, Cisco VP of Corporate Communications. Jim may be better known as Cisco's Chief Demonstration Officer, providing fascinating demos supporting John Chambers' mesmerizing keynotes. And actually Quad has a long history in Jim's demos, which frequently feature new tools being developed, tested and deployed for use within Cisco.