In this Industry Buzz podcast, UCStrategies' Blair Pleasant hosts a conversation on a r

4 Reasons Your UC Strategy Needs a Network Assessment

As any IT team can attest, maintaining a network is hard work. It requires deep technical knowledge and a good feel for the business to understand and prioritize which applications and services need to be running at an optimal performance level. It would be nice if you could simply take an 80's infomercial approach and just "set it and forget it" when it comes to policies, but anyone who has worked with networks and applications would admit that even with the best tools in place, it's only temporarily possible.

Did Qualcomm Kill WiMAX?

In what seems like a major case of déjà vu, the term "WiMAX" has miraculously popped up in the papers this week. For those with short memories (or those who don't bother remembering failed technologies), WiMAX or Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access, was a standard for fixed and mobile wireless Internet access that had a short and uneventful run starting around 2007.

Huisman Selects Masergy for Global Networking

Global Manufacturer Puts Masergy Above Competition for Network Performance and Customer Experience

Masergy Communications Inc. today announced that Netherlands-based Huisman has selected the company to connect its global locations via its hybrid WAN solution and award-winning Software Defined Platform. The decision to deploy Masergy was based on its seamless global network that provides all of Huisman's offices with a consistent user experience across all locations.

FOX GROUP 2017 Predictions - Think like a Customer!

In listening to and reading what my fellow technology industry experts have been saying is going to happen in 2017 over the past month, I have also heard a lot of comments about things like AI, IoT, the crash of the public internet, continued consolidation of traditional telecom manufacturers, the death of phones, the demise of "the cloud," and even that 2017 will be a tipping point where new vendors are starting to take serious market share from legacy telecom/network providers.

Future Collaboration - How the Executive Suite has Become the Change Agent for UC Deployments

We at UCStrategies have long advocated the importance of executive sponsorship for UC deployments. However, it is often a challenge to get the executive team interested in something that is often seen as a tool and is not easily linked to business results. While most executives agree that providing their employees with great tools to collaborate and work better is critical, making that a focus of the organization is often challenging.

In this Industry Buzz podcast, Blair Pleasant moderates a discussion about what the UCS

Drum Announces Substantial Audio Quality Upgrade

Drum announced that it has significantly upgraded its audio to super-HD quality. It has boosted the audio by 40 kHz, which pushes the quality well above that of an audio CD or a phone call made over a telephone network, thereby significantly improving the experience for meeting attendees. This new super-HD audio quality will now complement the browser audio and video available within Drum. What's more, the audio quality also carries through to the meeting replays. Each viewer of the meeting replay can experience the meeting in super HD.