In this Industry Buzz podcast, UCStrategies' Marty Parker moderates a discussion about the

IoT Calling

This year's Innovation Showcase at Enterprise Connect is about IoT.

An IoT demonstration at a Genesys conference last fall showed how sensors in a washing machine will reshape customer experience. In addition to Genesys, Bosch, Relayr, and Dimension Data contributed to the solution.

Replacing Dollars with Sense - How to Cut Costs Without a Complete Overhaul

Most IT staff don't have the time to chase down pesky and seemingly unimportant telecom expenses. There are bigger projects and expectations from management that translates to real productivity dollars. However, losing sight of telecom savings translates to real dollars, too. Here are a few tips for I've learned over the years so you can find some "low hanging fruit" which we normally start with!

The topic of this Industry Buzz podcast is UC Management, both Monitoring and Assurance, and Operations/Configuration (BCOM).

Putting Mobile Collaboration to Work

It is no secret that business is becoming more mobile and more collaborative. As they do, enterprises need to equip their people with the tools that will enable this transition. Gone are the days when business could be conducted solely with phones and email. Organizations need to be able to respond effectively anywhere and anytime, and having partners that can support that environment with communications platforms and networks will be key to prospering in this new world.

Avaya Engage Dubai - Experience is Everything in the Age of Intelligence

Avaya Engage Dubai - Experience is Everything in the Age of Intelligence

Along with fellow UCStrategies Expert Evan Kirstel, I recently had the privilege of presenting and participating in Avaya Engage in Dubai, an event that brought together over 1,500 Avaya customers and partners from around the globe (with the exception of the Americas). This year's event was the first time Avaya brought together customers and partners from Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Vision for Cloud Security

Recent discussion around enterprise cybersecurity has focused so heavily on the cloud and the apps contained within that you would think the cloud is the only area worth considering. But it is important to remember that cloud security begins with any touchpoint in the process and therefore can be vulnerable at any of those sections. With so many parties involved such as customers, users, partners along with APIs, special applications, devices and now IoT, the cloud must be able to reach across and get and gather real-time data and react to know and unknown situations.