Avaya CMO Morag Lucey talks about key messages from Avaya Engage in Dubai, including investments in innovations, including several new Avaya offeri

At Avaya Engage in Dubai, I spoke with Nidal Abou-Itaif, President of Avaya International, about innovation in his region, and Avaya's success in v

RBC Rolls Out Video Banking in Canada

Royal Bank (RBC), Canada's largest bank, is implementing remote video banking to make it easier for its business clients to make banking modern. It sounds trivial, but integrating communications into digital and mobile workflow is significant.

I regularly get queried on the latest and greatest technology trends in enterprise communications. Despite all the hype about chatbots and artificial intelligence, what I find most effective is simplification - the act of making business easier to do - including interaction.

Video Is Going Viral, Part Deux and Financial Services


My October 2016 post, Video is Going Viral - Especially in Healthcare! showed that video is going mainstream, even viral and external forces are creating that "perfect storm" for video. Video is one of the components of the UC suite, and projections over the next few years for UC and "neighboring areas" growth is staggering and even "off the charts." For example: