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Asurion Enterprise - The real struggle of remote employees - How to remove tech headaches.

When it comes to tech, more is not always better. The more gadgets and apps you have, the more opportunity there is for disaster to strike, and for tech headaches to emerge.  

More tech also means more tech troubleshooting that employees will have to do on their own. Keep it simple and encourage employees not to overload their home internet with too many apps and devices that drain bandwidth and decrease productivity. 

Asurion Enterprise - Survey shows 47% increase in worker productivity

Is it possible that the move to remote work for the vast majority of American offices in 2020 resulted in increased productivity? Forbes reported earlier this spring that Prodoscore, a California-based company, using data analysis of common business tools and software found a 47% increase in worker productivity since COVID-19 forced many employees home this year. 

Asurion Enterprise - Keeping your organization secure while employees work remotely

Security challenges can happen any time there is a shift to a workforce environment, but the COVID-19 pandemic truly heightened those challenges. A “Work From Home Study” conducted in June 2020 by Morning Consult® and IBM® Security gathered that 80% of respondents rarely, if at all, worked from home pre-pandemic. Obviously this number has dramatically shifted, and may never go back to pre-COVID levels. 

Asurion Enterprise - Inside the tech challenges of remote work

From spotty Wi-Fi to device breakdowns, employees often have tech challenges that prevent them from getting their work done. These issues are even more common now that most of us are working from home—including our IT departments. According to a survey by software company Ivanti®, 63% of IT professionals reported a higher workload since shifting to remote work.

So how do you keep your business going when tech challenges arise? Here are four simple ways to keep everyone productive.

Asurion Enterprise - HR is just as important as IT when it comes to cybersecurity awareness

According to Gallup News, there are many more employees working from home than there were six months ago. And naturally, the home networks are likely much more exposed than they are from within a protected corporate office network. The cybersecurity threat amidst a distributed workforce is real and serious.