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CUCDM vs. Kurmi Service Provider Suite: NWN Confirms Having Made the Right Choice

NWN Corporation reports a successful experience after deploying Kurmi Service Provider Suite and a smooth migration for their CUCDM end customers.
One year ago, NWN Corporation selected Kurmi Service Provider Suite to operate NWNComm, its Cisco HCS-based UCaaS Solution, replacing CUCDM. This choice was made in the context of Cisco HCS Open Architecture allowing HCS Partners to implement the right domain manager that best fits their needs with additional features and customization beyond what the CUCDM product offers.

UC environments that include multiple vendors, systems, applications, interfaces, and devices present multiple ways to fail.

Is the Velocity of Change Impacting Your Business Communications - UC Solution?

The rate of changes and configuration events that are required in new business and unified communications solutions is accelerating rapidly. UC Experts like Marty Parker and Nemertes Research have identified that in today's advanced enterprise communications systems over 50% of the total cost of ownership (TCO) is change management (i.e. administration and operations).

UCStrategies Announces New Unified Communications Product Segment: Business Communications Operations Management (BCOM)

Today, UCStrategies, the thought leader in Unified Communications (UC) education and information, identified a new product category, Business Communications Operations Management (BCOM). BCOM solutions are a critical factor for Unified Communications success.

Introducing Business Communications Operations Management (BCOM) - A New Management and Operations Paradigm

This article explains the communication industry's transformation from a device or line-centric management model to a user-centric, or business-centric model. As a result of this industry transformation, the new Business Communication Operations Management (BCOM) category has emerged. This paper explains the capabilities and advantages of this new category and what it can mean for organizations looking to maximize the performance and effectiveness of their communication platform.