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In this Industry Buzz podcast hosted by Jim Burton, the BCStrategies Experts preview what they expect to see in 2020.

How Businesses Can Use Machine Learning to Improve the Customer Experience

Maching learning to improve customer experience

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Despite being in widespread use throughout countless industries, machine learning remains commonly misunderstood (much like AI in general), even though it’s a fairly straightforward concept. To clarify, it involves programming computer systems with the capability to adapt their operations based on the data they receive and the conclusions they can reach from it.

8x8 Acquires MarianaIQ

8x8, Inc. has announced the acquisition of MarianaIQ, a startup focused on AI and deep learning. With this acquisition, 8x8 can add MarianaIQ’s deep learning capabilities to its X-Series, bringing new key Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities to its enterprise communications line.

Inference CEO on the Evolution and Future of IVR

In this Executive Insights interview, Blair Pleasant speaks with Callan Schebella, CEO of Inference Solutions.

In this Industry Buzz podcast, 

Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence: Are My Freelance Writing Days Numbered?

Take a look around, wherever we may be, artificial intelligence is already upon us. It is no longer something that is coming in the distant future. Rather, it is something that we have been living with and will continue to live with for years to come.

Artificial intelligence has been serving millions on a daily basis behind the scenes from business, communication, medicine, automobile navigation, military operations, space exploration, space exploration, and so on. It has made a huge difference in our lives. Every day, we reap the fruits of the work accomplished in these fields.