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When Algorithms Assume

Artificial Intelligence is a major topic today, not just in communications and Contact Centers, but across business. Most of the current crop of business-focused “AI” is in fact Machine Learning (ML). In ML, a large data set is used to “train” the algorithm to predict an outcome based on a range of interacting variables. Using modern data sets that have millions and even billions of test sets and thousands of variables, the ML program is able to train a neural network to predict an outcome.

Edify Q&A

Edify Q&A

One of the newest kids on the business communications block is Edify Labs. Edify’s co-founders, Cameron Weeks (CEO) and Bracken Fields (CTO) have a long history in this space, as they created their first VoIP company in 2007.

Twilio Shows its Flex-ibility

Twillio Shows it's Flex-ibility

Another Enterprise Connect has come and gone, and there were tons of new announcements. The one that stood out in my mind was Twilio Flex, a new contact center platform that will be available by the end of the year. Going beyond providing basic APIs, Flex is a contact center platform that is completely customizable up and down the stack. It is built on top of Twilio’s application development platform, so it can be used out-of-the-box.

Cisco Announces MindMeld Acquisition

Cisco is ready for another acquisition, with its announced intent to acquire MindMeld Inc. MindMeld, an artificial intelligence (AI) company with 10 patent assets to its name, is known for its unique AI platform that lets customers create intelligent, human-like conversational interfaces for applications and devices, developed and advanced through its proprietary machine learning (ML) technology.