BCStrategies' Jon Arnold attended three more industry conferences during November.

Reflecting on Inflection

UC industry pundits like myself frequently speak about disruption and inflection points. It's a theme that over the past decade has ceased to get old. We use these terms to describe significant shifts occurring in the industry, such as digital to IP, prem to cloud, hardware to software, and hard phone to softphones. It also applies to less distinct shifts such as next generation applications and mobile-first/cloud-first.

Mitel Acquisition of Mavenir Indicates New Directions

The Mitel acquisition of Mavenir for $560M seems to reflect both a current need as well as a future direction for Mitel. Clearly, the current revenue of Mavenir at about $130M indicates that this acquisition is about opportunity and change, not accretive revenue and margin. Even at a 20% profit margin, the acquisition would take long time to pay back without significant revenue growth.