Microsoft Teams

In this Industry Buzz podcast, Blair Pleasant and Sara Uzel interview Kevin Kieller about his take-aways from Microsoft Ignite, held September 24-2

Microsoft Teams is Taking Aim at Slack by Offering Free Access Version

Earlier this week Microsoft announced a long-awaited update to Teams, its workplace collaboration software which was first launched last year. The announcement of a free version means Microsoft Teams can directly compete with Slack.

This offer is designed for small businesses and groups of coworkers that don’t have a commercial Office 365 subscription. Now with this free introductory experience, any group can use Teams as their hub for teamwork and discover the value of Office 365 as they grow and become effective using these enhanced collaboration capabilities. 

Check out this infographic to make the most of your Microsoft investment.

Enterprise Connect 2018 – Trends and Observations

Enterprise Connect 2018 happened last week, and, as always, there were interesting trends and new topics that emerged as important for organizations to consider in their strategy and vendor choices. These topics and disruptions show how the industry is changing. First though, while hot new technologies dominated the headlines, the reality is that organizations have to deal with the reality of their requirements and their current implementations. Brent Kelly and I did the Cisco/Microsoft comparison session (as we have for the last five years).

In this Executive Insight video podcast, Kevin Kieller of BCStrategies is joined by Robert Davis, CVP, Skype Business Services & Office Product

Are You Allowing Microsoft, Cisco or Slack to Redefine Your Company Culture and the Value of Employee Communications?

Microsoft, Cisco and Slack are redefining your company’s communication capabilities and culture and leaving corporate communication staffs alone and under-viewed within your employee’s inboxes and web browsers. 
Over the last two years, Cisco, Slack and Microsoft have been aggressively pushing their respective team communication and collaboration applications deeper into your workplace, often at the expense of your enterprise communication messages, efforts and delivery channels.