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In their TalkingHeadz on Enterprise Communications podcast series, BCStrategies Experts Dave Michels and Evan Kirstel talk with various guests most

In this Executive Insights podcast, BCStrategies’ Jim Burton is joined by Rich McBee, CEO of Mitel.

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In this Industry Buzz podcast, BCStrategies' 

In this Industry Buzz podcast, UCStrategies' Dave Michels leads the discussion among the UCStrategies Experts about the news that Mitel has acquire

Who Should Have Bought ShoreTel?

Mitel has a definitive agreement to acquire ShoreTel, and I’m happy for all involved. We can argue all day if this was expected or inevitable, but the question I pose here is why weren’t there other bidders?

A quick look at the numbers shows an all cash deal of $530 million. That’s a lot of dough, but Mitel expects to realize $60 million in cost synergies within two years (mostly within one). That lowers to price down to $470 million. What’s Mitel get for that?

Mitel Appoints Todd Abbott as EVP Global Sales

Industry Veteran Joins Mitel to Enable Global Sales Strategy

Mitel®, a global leader in enterprise communications, today announced the appointment of Todd Abbott, a seasoned executive and industry leader with over 30 years of technology and business communications experience, to oversee the global sales operations at Mitel. Based in Dallas and reporting to Mitel CEO Rich McBee, Abbott assumes executive responsibility for Mitel's global cloud and enterprise sales organizations and channel programs.

Mitel Industry Event Update

The week before last I got to spend a couple of days with the Mitel management team and a small selected group of analysts and consultants. The sessions showed the ongoing progress of the Mitel team and their products. The following are few highlights I came away with from the event.